Here are some of the ways in which Newology may be able to help your business:

Giving back control of the company website

This is a big one for even the smallest of companies these days.  If you’re still stuck with an old website that brings in no business and cannot be updated by you or your staff, so that you have to pay your web designer every time you want to change something, then you NEED  I can give you back control of your web presence, or if you haven’t yet got one, I can show you what a “working” website can do for your business, using a platform called “WordPress”.  More than this, I can build a coordinated brand for your business, so that you will really stand out from the crowd.  Some exciting things are happening on the internet these days, and your business can benefit from this revolution with the right help.  You can have your own newsletter, regularly emailed to your growing list of prospects; you can attract attention through online video; you can harness the power of text messaging or the more useful of today’s many internet tools.  Let me show you what I can do for you, however small or large your operation.

Sorting Out Your Data

If your company has a load of data in an old legacy system and you need to sort it out, you can use Newology’s years of experience to help you.  Data migration and data cleansing are a speciality of Newology, so you will be in safe hands.  With advanced knowledge of technologies such as SQL Server and mySQL, you can rely on Newology to sort out your data problems, however big – or small.

Process Improvement – Making Things “Flow”

If you can’t see the wood for the trees but you know that something is not quite right within your processes, call Newology and you can get some great help.  Why not improve business processes using imagination, creativity and  a little sparkle?  It can make all the difference to you and your team.  Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes will be all you need, so please just call and let’s see what can be done.

Giving Your Customers The Gold Star Treatment

Are you or your key staff just too busy doing productive work to really look after your customers and prospects?  It’s a common problem, and one that Newology can help with.  I can help you devise and implement a plan for looking after your customers, involving customer services by Newology or specially chosen third-party providers.  This can range from a few inexpensive but innovative touches all the way to a full customer services function.

Getting Noticed

I’ll make sure your customers keep on coming back by showing them that you are there – and that you care!  Using innovative and unusual techniques, Newology can really make your company stand out and “stick” in the minds of your customers and prospects alike.  Give me a call, or email, and let’s talk about what can be done.

The above paragraphs represent the main areas in which I work, sometimes alone, sometimes with the help of other freelancers or service providers.  Whether I do all the work or whether you have a larger project that requires a team, you can be sure that I will manage everything so that you get no headaches and a great return on investment.

If you have a problem in your business or just something that you know “needs doing”, remember that each day you put it off, you may be losing money!  Call or email me, Michael Harper, today, and let’s see how we can work together and sort it out as painlessly as possible.

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